Child Fortune Plus Balanced Fund 26.1757 | Child Fortune Plus Bond Fund 20.3758 | Child Fortune Plus Growth Fund 33.6478 | Child Fortune Plus Secured Fund 29.0108 | Fortune Plus Balanced 18.8552 | Fortune Plus Bond 22.9331 | Fortune Plus Growth 20.8706 | Fortune Plus Secured 23.2726 | Future Plus Balanced 29.9195 | Future Plus Bond 24.3326 | Future Plus Growth 44.4152 | Future Plus Income 29.4842 | Health Plus 21.3114 | Health Protection Plus Fund 20.7024 | Jeevan Plus Balanced 24.8928 | Jeevan Plus Bond 24.5176 | Jeevan Plus Growth 39.4629 | Jeevan Plus Secured 25.3442 | Jeevan Saathi Plus Balanced Fund 20.0216 | Jeevan Saathi Plus Bond Fund 19.2008 | Jeevan Saathi Plus Growth Fund 19.8978 | Jeevan Saathi Plus Secured Fund 19.8417 | LICMF Unit Linked Insurance Scheme - Growth 9.7147 | Market Plus - I Bond 21.7371 | Market Plus - I Growth 24.6895 | Market Plus - I Secured 20.6439 | Market Plus Balanced 28.2811 | Market Plus Bond 27.6279 | Market Plus Growth 24.9865 | Market Plus -I Balanced 20.4152 | Market Plus Secured 30.5226 | Money Plus - I Balanced 26.4692 | Money Plus - I Bond 24.5946 | Money Plus - I Growth 27.7005 | Money Plus - I Secured 28.233 | Money Plus Balanced 24.1543 | Money Plus Bond 24.7391 | Money Plus Growth 21.6423 | Money Plus Secured 25.4062 | Profit Plus Balanced 30.172 | Profit Plus Bond 24.3991 | Profit Plus Growth 20.9638 | Profit Plus Secured 27.0007 | Wealth Plus Fund 15.4168 |
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» Home » Profile » About Us is one of the first in India to provide ‘One-Stop-Shop’ financial services to its customers in insurance, mutual funds, capital market, PPF, NPS, recurring deposits, bank deposits and other investment avenues including financial planning, child future planning and retirement planning.
It is an initiative of the trustworthy which has been providing insurance services to its customers across the world for the past more than 21 years.

Register yourself for free at to get a glimpse of our services. We have a powerful system, which presents all your investments on a single-screen. On registration, we shall provide you access to one of the best mobile App, through which you will be able to not only see all your investments on single-screen but would also be able to buy/redeem the mutual funds easily with the click of a button. The website/mobile app will give you better control on your investments. With many unique features, you will be able to securely view/transact through this website/App.
As a registered user, you will be able to upload your important documents like passport copy, PAN, school certificates, etc., on our cloud services thereby empowering you to download your important documents at your convenience from anywhere in the world.

Besides, managing your investments, we at MyWealthStatus, shall keep you updated with our monthly newsletter and other valuable information from time to time. Our team of qualified professionals are available to do a financial planning for you.
Please drop us a line of your requirement, we shall be pleased to serve you with our professional analytical approach to your satisfaction.
We shall keep on adding more features on our website on regular basis for the betterment of our customers. In case you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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